The key to quality comprehensive education for all is proper funding. If we invest in our children and their education, eliminate opportunity gaps, and protect all from discrimination, we can create the best education system in the world. Our children deserve:

  • Tuition-free universal preschool and other early education programs
  • The finest public schools and regulated public charter schools
  • Teachers who are paid well and given the freedom to teach their students an academic curriculum instead of being forced to "teach to the test".
  • Inclusion and professional support for special needs children
  • Safe transportation for all grades
  • Protection of union rights for educators and education staff
  • The elimination of high-stakes standardized testing
  • Trade and apprenticeship options in junior and senior high schools
  • Youth job programs
  • Supervised community recreation programs
  • Tuition-free public college and university education
  • Relief from staggering student loan debt
  • A society that tackles poverty in order to ensure our children are safe, healthy, well-fed, sheltered, and living in a thriving community.