Savannah Now - Letters to the editor Monday: Calling for Carter-Ring debate

This summer, Rep. Buddy Carter sent a letter to his constituents in which he boasted of having signed a commitment to civility with several of his congressional colleagues. This commitment entailed, in part, a pledge to “set an example of statesmanship for the younger generation of Americans.”

Surely a central act of statesmanship in a democracy is a willingness to engage one’s opponents for elective office in public debate. Among other things, such debates show our young people that elected officials have a responsibility to engage with their challengers not as enemies but as citizens with an equal stake in our country and its institutions.

Given Carter’s previous pledge to model statesmanlike behavior, many of his constituents are puzzled by his hesitancy to participate in a public debate with Lisa Ring, his current Democratic Party challenger.

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Originally posted on September 9th.