Veterans and military families

Supporting our Service Members and Veterans.


As a military spouse and military mom, Lisa understands the needs of our veterans and military families. In the 1st Congressional District of Georgia, we have four military bases and over 76,000 veterans. We must meet the needs of the men and women who serve, and their families, who sacrifice so much for our country.

Lisa is committed to honoring and caring for those who sacrifice so much to serve our country. And she will start by not sending them into unnecessary conflicts that have no clear outcome and no end.

  • We can ensure our veterans are cared for if Congress allocates adequate funds to our VHA, instead of cutting funding to push privatization. The more funds our Veterans Administration receives, the more comprehensive services they can provide to all veterans, regardless of location.
  • I support tax free bonuses for our soldiers. If we are going to have the largest defense budget in the world, we can ensure our soldiers and their families are taken care of properly.



  • It is unacceptable that approximately 18% of our military families are receiving food benefits. With the largest defense budget in the world, our service members should be paid a decent salary, and they should receive all the benefits promised to them when they enlisted.
  • We must do more to care for ours veterans. We must invest at least as much in our service members returning from deployment as we do to send them into combat. Providing more support for the transition to civilian life means helping veterans find decent-paying, skilled jobs; full educational benefits (as promised); and transitional services. It also means providing family support and comprehensive medical care and mental health care to address combat-related issues, PTSD, and TBI. A July 2016 study showed that 20 veterans commit suicide daily.  We can no longer talk about what needs to be done. We must act.





Veterans Crisis Line - 1-800-273-8255 or Text 838255